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Bevels can add so much beauty to any panel. Don't you just love the effect of the shimmering rainbow across the walls? Makes you want to make everything out of bevels! Whilst they may take a little longer than the average colouring project using film and lead, we feel the additional effort can be enjoyed for many years to come. These top quality bevelled clusters are a little on the pricey side but are well worth the beautiful depth enhancement you achieve. Our excellent line of bevels are produced completely by hand from top quality 5mm float glass. Interested in discounted prices? How about bevels glass accessories? We have them all - U.V Lamps, UV Adhesive and a full range of bevelled clusters. If there's something that we're not displaying or a simple question regarding bevels, just ask and we'll either get you the product or tell you where it can be purchased. We hope you enjoy working with us and will come back many times.


Introducing our top quality Duralead Ultra Violet Adhesive. An excellent product that has been around for many years. Very easy to use and is non yellowing, just squeeze it out and apply to either the reverse side of the bevel or straight onto the glass. Use this one and you won't go back to the other brands.


With so many UV Lamps and accessories on today's market, it's difficult to decide which product is going to work out best for you. It is important that you get a lamp that cures the adhesive properly as the bevels will remove themselves after a period of time. This professional quality hand held curing lamp is the tool to remove all those worries. Conforms to BS Standards.