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A village where dreams become reality and choosing that special colour will be more than a pleasurable experience. We've introduced some of the finest coloured films ever created. An outstanding range of more than 330 different colours and textures. Try to remember some of those magical moments throughout your lifetime where pale rose skylines were visible or the happiness of the rainbow running across the sky with all its wonderful colours. Now try to introduce some of these wonderful colours into your stained glass project.

Never before was such a large and electrifying range of available. Being one of the oldest manufacturers of overlay coloured film in the United Kingdom has gifted us with many new talents and manufacturing techniques that has enabled us to produce an enhanced colour range, that is dust free, has rich and amazing colour consistency, does not delaminate and lasts a whole lot longer than most products currently available in the market place.

It is difficult to produce creative effects that cannot be replicated easily by other film manufacturers, but using new ideas and techniques developed over the 15 year period has helped. Using Multyfilm you can be certain of no comebacks or problems. Sixteen years of production experience tells us so, and manufacturing to such a high standard enables us to offer a rock solid guarantee. Next day shipping is standard and orders placed before 5pm will be shipped the same day, to arrive at your facility the following morning. Our selection is the largest available on today's market with more than 330 effects. Every sheet of Multyfilm has a built in ultra violet light blocking system incorporated within the adhesive, to prevent colour fade. Multyfilm and its distributors are always very competitive and will cater for most of your needs.


  • Discounts

Multyfilm will always work very hard to satisfy every customer, with the very best price. Of course, the pricing will always be based on volume. Every price quoted will have mail and shipping added to the cost, unless otherwise stated.

  • Ordering

Any of these splendid colours can be ordered by telephone, fax or e-mail. Simply call us direct or request our local distributor's telephone number.

  • Exports

Mulyifilm ship and have many agents throughout the world. If we do not have a recognised agent in year area, we will always supply direct. Shipments can be sent via airmail, which takes around 3 to 4 days, or by sea, which can take up to four weeks, depending on your location.

  • Guarantees

As film produced by Multyfilm are crafted to the highest standards available; therefore we offer a rock solid guarantee. This exceptional colour range is used in very cold countries of the world like Russia, where temperatures drop to as low as the -30s. On the other end of the scale the colours are used in warm countries like Dubai, where temperatures reach the high 40s.

Please click here to download the swatch program.
Effects We Present:


Clear Grained Effects

Traditional Grained Effects

Opaque Grain

Wispy Effects

Wild Vein

Streaky Effects

Wild Streaky

Antique Pebble

Rainbow Effects

Tiffany Effects

Warm Metallic

Frosty Effects

Metallic Effects

Textured Effects

Coloured Textures