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Village And Our Spectacular Range Of Overlay Coloured film!

Here you will find every colour you've ever imagined. In fact we now offer more colours and textures than any other supplier on the globe. Just think of that perfect colour scheme and how special it will look in your home or window project. The colour may be very simple, or one of the wildest colours we could ever imagine. The kind of colours we only dream about. Cruising through colour collection will be more than a pleasure and may inspire those dreams to become reality.


Introducing more than 140 new colours to the Multyfilm range, as well as our new brochure that offers easy viewing and colour selection.


Introducing a range of film application tools and accessories that will benefit both the beginner as well as the seasoned Overlay Stained Glass artists.


Download specifications and technical information relating to all Overlay film products.


A welcoming introduction to the Multyfilm range of products. These charming frosty window overlays are available in 12 appealing designs.

Application Booklet

Download the latest mutyfilm application booklet. This easy to understand booklet explains many of the tips and tricks used by the professionals.

Colour Brochure

Download the new coloured film brochure and explore the 320 different colours and textures.