Overlay Coloured Film

Dura lead offers a wide range of tools and accessories that will enable you, the glass crafter to achieve a high level of quality every time. Offering an excellent line of film application squeegees and several film pressure rollers that can also be used in the application of lead overlay. A super film stacking or housing unit is also a great idea, as it helps prevent film damage an allows you to be totally organized with your film stocks.

Film Cutting Tools

Several film cutting tools can be obtained from Dura lead, including flat end razor blades and the blade holders together with our high quality cutting shears.

Film Application Tools

A variety of film application tools are available, which includes pressure rollers in 75mm, 100mm, and 200mm widths. A line of film application cards and squeegees is also available.

Film Application Solutions

Two high quality film application products that make the application of film to glass, hassle free. Helps the film lay flat and bubble free. Just spray, and lay and observe the quality of your work.

Film Holding System

Excellent film housing system that enables you to organize your film supplies and prevents the film getting damaged.