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Duralead Corporate

Hello, welcome to Duralead and the most comprehensive line of decorative, stained glass products in Britain. As a company it's our aim to keep you right up to date on the Latest products, related technical information, as well as providing you with the very best in technical support.

Our Commitment

Behind every great company you'll find two key elements - great products and a dedicated team of people. At Duralead our people are committed to providing glass window craftsmen with the very best products available in the industry. From chemical formulae through to the end product. But our commitment goes well beyond supplying you with great service. It's also about staying ahead and looking beyond tomorrow. By maintaining ongoing dialogue with glass professionals like you, we are able to stay in tune with the needs of the industry and put our development team to work on creating the next generation of products. We invite you to get to know Duralead and our extensive product range. We look forward to helping you make your business even more successful.

Our Technical Support

Over the years we've helped many glass and window craftsman sort out the odd problem. In fact our technical helpline has become one of the single most popular reasons why window people do business with us. One glass craftsman in particular told us that he wouldn't consider buying his products anywhere else because of the specialist help and advice he always has on tap at Duralead. Whether it's about working with our lead products or Multyfilm, what technique you should use to achieve a particular effect, ways to get around an application problem, how to use our template software to its best effect, how to get a better solder joint, or ways to create a more cost effective Georgian bar, don't be afraid to ring our technical helpline. The service is free and open to you 5 days a week.

Our Fast Delivery

We offer three delivery service options with our products; If your need is not so urgent, choose our 'Just in time' three day service (J.I.T.). If your need is quicker, there is our two day delivery option, but if your needs are more urgent, we offer a next day service too.

Our Vision

At Duralead our vision has always been to provide the very best products and service for the window craft industry. We are therefore proud that our organisation now has an industry wide reputation for the quality and reliability of our products as well as our customer service. So, how do we maintain our leading position? By keeping in touch with people like you, listening to your needs and reacting, always looking one step ahead of todays market place and finding new products and services to make your life easier and your business more profitable. That's why you'll never find us standing still at Duralead. We're always innovating, developing, testing and approving new products and services that will benefit you and your business.

Our Customer Support

The Duralead customer support line gets over 500 calls a month, questions about products or application techniques, comments, general enquiries, requests and they are all welcome! Our support line representatives are familiar with all the Duralead products, so familiar they can often provide immediate help and answers to your queries or questions.

In addition, we have technical specialists on hand should your need be more of a Technical nature.