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Lead Overlay & Accessoires

Using Different Profiles

3 mm (1/8 in) Lead

A very narrow profile that can be used in areas where the design is very intricate. Places where bends are extra tight. An example would be the grapes in a grape vine. Only in parts of the design should you use this product. Use slightly wider sized lead profiles for larger bends and areas. Like 4 mm (3/16 in) or 6 mm (1/4 in). The narrower the material, the easier to work with.

4 mm (3/16 in) Lead

Again a very narrow profile. Excellent to work with, especially on designs that have lots of tight bends and curves. If you wish to complete the whole window using 4 mm - 3/16 in, this is possible, but using narrow profiles will make the film colouring task much more difficult, as the cutting of the overlay film will need to be much more precise. I would therefore use 4mm (3/16 in), on the areas of a project that require extra bending and use 6mm - 1/4in, in the other areas.

6 mm (1/4in) Lead

This is one step up from the very narrow lead profiles. Probably the best product to create overlay stained glass panels that required bends and colour. 6mm (1/4in) can also be used to create traditional diamonds, rectangles, Gothic and Elizabethan patterns.

9 mm (3/8in) Lead

This is probably the biggest selling lead profile, but it's no use if you want to do bends and create a colourful stained overlay window. The reason it's so popular is that it's the perfect product to create the basic diamonds, gothic, rectangle types of design that are usually associated with England. Take a look around you, thousands of homes throughout the UK have 9mm diamond or rectangular patterns of their windows.

12 mm (1/2in) Lead

Not a big seller, but can be used to create traditional diamond or rectangle work that requires a heavy lead effect. Gives the feel of the old Elizabethan leaded windows.

16 mm (5/8in). 18mm (3/4in). 22 mm (7/8in) Lead

All of these profiles can be used in exactly the same way as the 12mm - 1/2in lead, but give a heavier effect. If you wanted to create a pencil bar on a glass window, this can be achieved using any one of these profiles. They are also great for masking during the sandblast process.