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Lead Overlays

Welcome to our Stained Glass Overlay lead selection!

Choosing an overlay lead strip that works for both you and your lead application people may seem a simple task, but it can be more of a challenge if you require a product that offers a long term life span and problem free applications. Using any one of the Duralead overlays will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a professionally crafted product that is bright in colour and has a nice oval profile, emulating the look of traditional leaded or stained glass. These high quality overlay lead profiles are created using a selection of carefully measured alloys that allow the durability that Duralead demands. When correctly applied to any flat glass surface, Duralead should stay in place for more that 15 years and will probably outlive the life of the traditional wood window that the glass is housed in. Over the last decade, thousands of tons of Duralead has been applied successfully throughout world. From the very cold countries through to extremely warm climates with a 100% success rate. In general, all of our professional grade products can be used to create any style of leaded or decorative stained glass. We're also very proud of our new lead free overlay that can be used exactly the same way as lead strip, but with no lead content.

Traditional Stained Glass Overlay Lead

For most decorative glass people this product needs no introduction. For the people who are unfamiliar with our major lead brand, I will describe a little more in detail. First of all it is the most popular lead product used in today's decorative glass and window market. It has a super high quality chrome like surface, which can also be darkened or aged. It comes with a time tested high power grabbing adhesive that well surpasses all the relevant British standard tests. Overall it is an excellent product to use. Most major glass and window companies cannot be wrong. It is available in 3mm-1/8in, 4.5mm-3/16in, 6mm-1/4in, 9mm-3/8in,12mm-1/2in, 16mm-5/8in, 18mm-3/4in and 22mm-7/8in. Most profiles are available in both oval and flat sections in 10mtrs-33ft, 25mtrs-83ft, 50mtrs-165ft, 55mtrs, 196ft and 60mtrs-198ft.

Pre-Coloured Stained Glass Overlay Antique

Introducing a range of pre-coloured lead profiles that offer the look of ten years weather exposure. Dark gray in colour and when applied to the glass window, these stunning antique effect lead profiles offer instant satisfaction. An excellent product that has been used throughout the window industry for more than eight years. As this product is colour coated it is very difficult to offer any kind of guarantees on external applications. Duralead Antique passes all the relevant British standard tests and is available in 4.5mm-3/16in, 6mm-1/4in, 9mm-3/8in and 12mm-1/2in in both oval and flat sections in 10mtrs-33ft, 25mtrs-83ft, 50mtrs-165ft, 55mtrs, 196ft and 60mtrs-198ft.

Gold Coloured Stained Glass Overlay Lead

A favourite with the furniture people. This super range of gold coloured lead profiles are produced using the same techniques as our Antique coloured lead overlay. Excellent to work with and the richest colour of gold, one could wish for. Backed with a high grabbing acrylic adhesive that passes all the relevant tests. Recommended for internal application, but can be used externally without any guarantees. These profiles are available in 4.5mm-3/16in, 6mm-1/4in, 9mm-3/8in,12mm-1/2in. Most profiles are available in both oval and flat sections in 10mtrs-33ft, 25mtrs-83ft, 50mtrs-165ft, 55mtrs, 196ft and 60mtrs-198ft.

Architects Tin/Zinc Overlay

Never available before today! The new Architects overlay has been carefully crafted by mixing two metals with similar characteristics to lead. A difficult task, but we've managed to re-create something that is flexible, has almost the same durability as lead and offers the same bright silver finish. Our special formulation is 100% lead free and recommended by leading Architects to replace lead overlay in places of the home, hospitals, children's rooms and schools. All orders are shipped within 3 to 4 days from order and available in 4.5mm (3/16in), 6mm (1/4in), 9mm (3/8in), 12mm (1/2in) in oval profile only. 55mtrs (196ft).

Special Lead Colours and Profiles

As well as offering a large range of traditional lead profiles, Dura lead are now able to offer the new ridged look lead product that gives the appearance of an old heavy lead look. The new profile is flat in the centre with a small ridge on each side. Currently available in 9mm-3/8 profile and in both 10mtrs-33feet and 50mtrs-165feet in length. As well as the new profile, we are also able to offer regular lead profiles in a bright white colour in 4mm-3/16, 6mm-1/4in, 9mm-3/8in, 12mm-1/2in, in 50mtrs-165feet reels.