Lead Overlay & Accessoires

Tools & Accessories

Introducing a range of high quality lead application tools that can be used by both beginners and the professional stained glass artisan. Using any one of these super tools can only enhance the craftsperson's capabilities and enable them to achieve the highest standards of workmanship.

Application Tool

This super little tool is made from a plastic that prevents the lead surface being scratched. Great for sealing and pressing down the edges of the lead profiles, as well as scoring the lead crossovers which create the solder joint effect.

Soldering Flux

Without this product, it will be very difficult to create stunning solder joints. This solder flux prevents metal oxidisation and allows the solder to bond and run evenly.

Shepherds lead cleaning hand soap

After applying and working with any kind of lead material, it's wise to make sure that your hands are cleaned properly. Using Shepherds cleaning soap you can be 100% assured that all lead residues are removed from the hands.

Removes lead residues from the skin

Convenient, portable, one-step cleaning at your fingertips. Quickly lift, remove and safely hold heavy metal residue without smearing. D-Wipe® Towels are saturated with a special cleaning and moisturising formula that removes multiple layers of heavy metals and other contaminants from the skin. Canister design keeps towels moist and ready to use even in hot weather.

Leaders Cutting Knife

Using this professional cutting tool you will be able to continuously cut and trim profiles throughout your lead project. This fabulous knife has a long life span and will not blunt as quickly as other products available on the market. Made in Japan.

Lead Application Roller

This 50mm (2inch) lead application roller is excellent for applying overlay lead strip. Roll with pressure down the centre of the lead profile for instant application. This hard wearing rubber roller has been used throughout the industry for more than 20 years. Excellent tool.

Patination Oil

A mild oil that is applied directly over the surface of the lead to prevent oxidisation. A bit of a game to apply, but prevents oxides running down the glass, especially in cold damp periods.

Darkening Agent

By applying this super darkening agent directly to the lead surface, you are able to age the lead by ten years or more. Note this will not prevent the lead surface oxidising. Patination oil should be applied directly over the darkening agent.

60/40 Solder sticks

A nice grade of tin solder that works great when creating authentic looking solder joints. This super 60/40 grade solder is available in one kilo bundles that enable you to create professional looking Solder joints.

Soldering Irons

Many glass and window crafters attempt to create authentic looking solder joints, directly on to the lead crossovers. It is not easy, but fantastic results can be achieved with a little practice, working with the correct soldering Iron will also help. Using this 100w soldering iron, different styles of solder joints can also be achieved. Works well with the 60/40 solder sticks.

Soldering Iron Holder

It's not a necessity, but to prevent the solder tip burning the work bench as well as your hands, we highly recommend this little tool. Also has a sponge for tip cleaning.