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Lead Overlay & Accessoires

Presenting the latest range of high quality lead overlays for the creation of stained glass overlay leaded windows. Every roll of Dura Lead begins its life in the form of a large cube or block. After a series of rolling techniques the lead strips are cut into different widths and made ready for use. A large variety of widths are available in lengths of 50mtr, 55mtr and 60mtr coils. Check out where to use the different profiles, journey through the world of lead making, take a look at our line of tools or download an application booklet as well as a number of specifications.

Lead Overlays

Here you will find a comprehensive line of lead overlays. Traditional lead, Antique effect lead, Gold coloured lead and some special colours and profiles, as well as a 100% lead free product that can be used almost anywhere.

Tools & Accessories

A large selection of high quality lead application tools and accessories that will enable the beginner and the seasoned professional to achieve the highest standards of workmanship. Better results are always achieved using the correct tools.

Technical & Safety Data

Access a variety of technical documents which include lead specification data, Oxidization information and health and safety at work.

Journey Through Lead Making

A brief journey through the world of lead making, beginning with the careful selection and mixing of lead ingots through to ingot rolling, forming and finishing.

Application Booklet

Download the new lead application booklet and learn the tips and tricks of the professionals. Inside the booklet you will find the correct application procedures.

Using Different Profiles

Everything you need to know about where and when to use different sized lead profiles. Available sizes as well as the mixing of differentlead profiles to create a professional looking window.

New Softext

Download flyer about the new soft, supple lead strip for the fussy lead connoisseur..