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Literature Swatches & Brochures

Introducing a line of coloured overlay films, the largest and most comprehensive range available from any decorative products supplier. In fact we have 320 colours and textures for you to choose from. We've introduced a new range of sandblast overlay films, as well as the new architects overlay.

Watch this page for updates in brochures and marketing materials.

As well as introducing and creating new products, we're also making a full range of new brochures.

Multyfilm Colour Experience

The new Myltyfilm coloured brochure is now available. This animated 16 page brochure contains each and every colour available from Multyfilm. FREE copies of this brochure can be obtained by calling or emailing us. You can also download a brochure from the coloured film section. Packs are also available for distributors and agents.

Multfilm Electronic Swatch

The new Myltyfilm coloured collection is also available on CD. A super swatch that allows you to zoom in close to any colour and even lets you to print your own swatch.

Multyfilm Traditional Swatch

A long time favourite with the customer, but with a line of 320 colours or more, this method of displaying colour has become very expensive. These traditional swatches are still available at a cost.

Architects Overlay

A new product created as a replacement for lead and is used in areas where lead may not be desirable. A one page flyer that describes the product in detail. Download a brochure.