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Introducing three Outstanding Time Proven Stained Glass Pattern Drawing and Re-Sizing Software Products.

The Rapid Resizer

The Easiest Way To Re-Size All Your Pattern Templates

The Rapid Resizer stained glass software is the fastest and most accurate way to enlarge patterns.

Use Patterns from a Scanner or the Web

The Rapid Resizer can automatically get a pattern from a scanner. Don't worry if you don't have a scanner. You'll never run out of free patterns on the Web.

Colour Your Pattern with Images of Real Glass

See how your design will look before you build it. With the Rapid Resizer's palette, you can color your pattern's pieces with a single click. You can even add your own images. It can also automatically number your pattern's pieces based on how you colored it.

Save Money on Ink

When greatly enlarging a pattern, the Rapid Resizer can keep the printed lines from enlarging too. By keeping the lines thin, you save ink and get a more useful pattern.

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The Pattern Wizard

The Pattern Wizard makes it possible for anyone to design their own stained glass patterns, from door panels to large window panels.

Instantly Draw Perfect Shapes

With the Pattern Wizard's line, rectangle, circle, arc and curve tools you can draw perfectly with just a few clicks of your mouse. Then if you want to change a shape, you can simply click and drag it around.

Print Full-Size Patterns

If you draw a design that's larger than one page, the Pattern Wizard will automatically tile it across pages. All you have to do is trim the pages and tape them together.

Color Your Design with Real Glass

Choose from photographs of real glass and then click to fill your pattern's pieces with them.

Trace Photographs

The Pattern Wizard can scan or open a photograph and place it in the background so you can easily trace it.

Free Patterns

The Pattern Wizard includes whole patterns and parts of patterns that you can easily change or insert into your own work. There are also 58 stock bevels that you can drop into your design.

More Features

  • A complete set of drawing tools: straight lines, curves, circles, and rectangles. Plus scale, rotate, mirror, and flip.
  • Easily "undo" any mistake.
  • Instructions and a tutorial.
  • Rulers and an adjustable grid.
  • Automatic grid maker - rectangular and diamond shaped.
  • Add letters and numbers to your design using almost any font on your computer. (All you have to do is add cut lines.)
  • Export your designs as pictures, EMF files, or DXF files. Eases determining the cost of a pattern by recording how long you worked on it.

Useful Links

Stained Glass Library

This excellent library holds more than 250 designs that can views within a door or window housing. The customer decides they like a designs so you go right ahead punch in the door size and out pops your pattern template ready for you to create the project.

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