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How to Get Started with Overlay Stained Glass

The Craft of Creating Great looking stained glass windows is much easier than you think. Whether at home or in a business, nothing brightens up an area or room as much as stained glass.Its endless, a window, a skylight, a front entry door or maybe a dividing window in the office. After all you spend almost 9 or 10 hours there each day.

What is the Cost?

Is Decorative Overlay Stained glass expensive? The answer to that is no. You will be very surprised, as most beginners find it very easy and much less costly than they expected. It doesn't require any experience and you don't need to be any kind of artist. You simply need to enjoy working with your hands. The rest you learn yourself or rely on our application video. The satisfaction of making a beautiful stained glass window is a great feeling. By adding beauty to your home you are also adding value. Go ahead; try that cabinet door, a sidelight, or maybe a bathroom window, the applications are endless.

Where can I apply it?

You can pretty much apply decorative overlay stained glass to any flat surface. This high quality durable system has been the choice of hundreds of home owners, interior decorators, designers and architects for use on windows, sidelights, front panels, shower doors, mirrors, skylights, ceiling panels, glass dividers, shop fronts, logos and signs. Its creative use is unlimited. Better still the range of creative designs are limited only by your imagination.

Benefits of the Overlay System.

  • Increases strength of glass.
  • Creates a level of privacy.
  • Prevents glass from shattering, should it break.
  • Improves the visual effect of all transparent applications.
  • Creates designer accent to any surface applied to.
  • Reduces Glare when applied to windows.

How do I get started?

This is the fun part… Here is a list of items and tools you need to create your Stained Glass window.

  1. Life sized template of your chosen design.
  2. Adhesive Tape
  3. Cleaning solution for application. Hot water with a tiny amount of say 1% dish wash solution.
  4. Razor Blades.
  5. Cleaning Paper or cloth.
  6. Squeegee.
  7. Boning Tool.
  8. Overlay Lead.
  9. Overlay Film.